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MS ALPHA M300 Bežični set
12,20 €
Šifra proizvoda: 75178285
ALPHA M300, Miš bežični RF, Senzor optički, Rezolucija [dpi] 1.000,0000 DPI, Tipke 4 + scroll, Tipkovnica bežična RF, Boja Crna, Sučelje USB, Sučelje Wireless
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Cherry DC-2000 komplet miš i tipkovnica crni USB
24,03 €
Šifra proizvoda: 189662
Komplet miš i tipkovnica - komplet idealan za ured - miš: 3 tipke, simetričan, 1200 DPI - tipkovnica: 4 direktne tipke za kalkulator, e-mail, web preglednik i sleep mode - izdržljivost tipki: 10 miliona pritisaka tipki - jedan USB kabel za tipkovnicu i miša - duljina kabla: 1,8 m Garancija: 36 mjeseci
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Genius SlimStar 8230 bežična tipkovnica i miš bijela
32,01 €
Šifra proizvoda: 226202
Model SlimStar 8230 Kratki opis Bežični set tipkovnica i miš Sučelje Bluetooth v5.3 2.4GHz Karakteristike tipkovnice Tanka multimedijska tipkovnica Čokoladni oblik tipki 12 multimedijskih tipki i 9 brzih tipki prečaca Posebna tipka za kalkulator Indikator statusa baterije te Num/Caps Karakteristike miša Broj tipki: 3 Senzor: optički Rezolucija: 1200 DPI Karakteristike Brzo prebacivanje veze između tri povezana uređaja (2 x Bluetooth, 1 x 2.4GHz wireless) Sistemski zahtjevi 2.4GHz: USB priključak Windows 10, 11 ili novije macOS 10.14 ili novije Chrome OS Bluetooth: Windows 8, 8.1, 10, 11 ili novije Mac OS X 10.8 ili novije Podrška za tipkovnicu (profil HID) ChromeOS iOS 11 ili novije iPadOS 13.4 ili novije Android 7 ili novije Boja Bijela Sadržaj pakiranja Bežična tipkovnica SlimStar 8230 Bežični miš SlimStar 8230 USB prijamnik AA baterija za tipkovnicu AA baterija za miš Jamstvo: 24 mjeseca
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MS APB-00013 Wired Desktop 600 USB (P)
32,07 €
Šifra proizvoda: 4742085
MICROSOFT Wired Desktop 600 USB Port PL/RO Hdwr Black (P) (HR)
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Cherry DW-3000 bežični komplet miš i tipkovnica crni
33,59 €
Šifra proizvoda: 189658
Bežični komplet miš i tipkovnica - izdržljivi komplet za profesionalnu upotrebu - ravne, niske tipke za preko 10 miliona pritisaka tipki - 4 direktne tipke za kalkulator, e-mail, web preglednik i sleep mode - dimenzije tipkovnice: 458 × 170 × 20 mm - miš: simetričan, 3 tipke, nano USB prijemnik, doseg 10 m, 1200 DPI Garancija: 36 mjeseca
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LENOVO Essential Wired Keyb/Mouse (HR)
35,84 €
Šifra proizvoda: 4477321
LENOVO Essential Wired Keyboard and Mouse Combo - Croatian/ Slovenian
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Rapoo 9300M tipkovnica miš crna Bluetooth/Wireless
42,00 €
Šifra proizvoda: 218621
• Multi-mode bežična konekcija • 2.4 GHz, Bluetooth 3.0, Bluetooth 4.0 • Ultra-slim 4.9mm dizajn • 104 tipke, 8 multimedijalnih tipki • 1300 DPI optički miš • Ergonomski dizajn • 4 tipke uključujući 2D scroll kotačić Bluetooth tipka • Nano USB prijemnik • Odjeljak za odlaganje Nano USB prijemnika • Uključena 2 AAA + 1 AA baterija • Životni vijek baterije do 12 mjeseci Jamstvo: 36 mjeseci
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Logitech MK330 bežični komplet tipkovnica i miš
59,00 €
Šifra proizvoda: 188348
Model Logitech Wireless Combo MK330 Sučelje Napredno 2.4 GHz bežično sučelje sa USB prijemnikom Raspored tipki Tipkovnica pune veličine sa 8 vručih tipki Podržani operacijski sustavi Windows® XP Windows Vista® Windows® 7 Sadržaj pakiranja Tipkovnica Miš USB prijemnik 2 AAA (tipkovnica) i 2 AA (miš) baterije Korisnička dokumentacija Karakteristike Tipkovnica: otporna na prskanje tekućina Produženo vrijeme trajanja baterija Plug-and-play Garancija: 36 mjeseci
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Logitech MK345 bežični komplet tipkovnica i miš
59,59 €
Šifra proizvoda: 190315
Bežični komplet - miš i tipkovnica Tipkovnica: - raspored znakova: hrvatski - 48 mjeseci rada na 2 AAA baterije - sklopka za uključivanje/isključivanje - tipkovnica pune veličine s 12 modularnih F tipki za multimediju - napredna 2,4 GHz bežična tehnologija dometa do 10 m - način povezivanja: USB prijemnik (zajednički za tipkovnicu i miša) Miš: - tehnologija senzora: Advanced Optical Tracking - rezolucija senzora: 1000 dpi - 18 mjeseci rada na 1 AA bateriju - sklopka za uključivanje/isključivanje - broj tipki: 3 - napredna 2,4 GHz bežična tehnologija dometa do 10 m - način povezivanja: USB prijemnik (zajednički za tipkovnicu i miša) SISTEMSKI ZAHTJEVI - Windows® Vista ili novije verzije - Chrome OS™ - USB priključak DIMENZIJE - tipkovnica (visina x širina x dubina): 137,5 mm x 435,5 mm x 20,5 mm - masa: 475 g (s 2 AAA baterije) - masa: 425 g (bez baterije) - miš (visina x širina x dubina): 186,7 mm x 447,2 mm x 21,4 mm - masa: 603 g SADRŽAJ PAKIRANJA - tipkovnica - miš - USB nano prijemnik - 2 AAA baterije za tipkovnicu - 1 AA baterija za miš - korisnička dokumentacija Garancija: 24 mjeseca
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LENOVO WL Keyboard and Mouse Combo G2 SI
59,76 €
Šifra proizvoda: 4093480
LENOVO Essential Wireless Combo Keyboard Mouse Gen2 Slovenian 3y
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Lenovo Professional WLS KBD and Mouse
71,20 €
Šifra proizvoda: 4017340
Lenovo Professional Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
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Cherry Stream Desktop komplet bežični crni, miš i tipkovnica
81,09 €
Šifra proizvoda: 134194
Bežični komplet, miš i tipkovnica - iznimno tiha tipkovnica i miš - Cherry SX scissor mehanizam tipki - tipkovnica sa AES-128 enkripcijom za zaštitu - vrijeme trajanja baterija: 36 mjeseci u tipkovnici, 12 mjeseci u mišu - LED indikacija statusa za tipke: Caps Lock, Num, Scroll - 10 tipki za uredske alate i multimediju - miš: 6 tipki, simetričan - rezolucija miša: 1000 / 1600 / 2400 DPI - doseg: 10 m - dimenzije: tipkovnice: 462,2 × 162,2 × 23,1 mm - dimenzije: miša: 116 × 64,7 × 37,7 mm Garancija: 36 mjeseci
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Desktop komplet bežični Logitech MK545 Advanced
90,62 €
Šifra proizvoda: 78156609
Logitech MK545, Miš bežični, Senzor optički, Rezolucija 1000 dpi, Tipke 5 + scroll, Tipkovnica bežična, Boja Crna, Sučelje Wireless, Komplet napravljen za preciznost, udobnost i pouzdanost
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LOGI G213 Prodigy Gaming Keyboard US
98,41 €
Šifra proizvoda: 46065895
LOGITECH G213 Prodigy Gaming Keyboard mediter US INTL
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Cherry Stream Desktop Recharge tiha bežična tipkovnica miš, crna
105,00 €
Šifra proizvoda: 191203
THE BEST STREAM EVER - WIRELESS AND WITH CHARGING CAPABILITY - The CHERRY STREAM DESKTOP RECHARGE is a high-quality new addition to the STREAM Family with many valuable features for both professional and home-office use - As with all products in the STREAM family, it has the proprietary CHERRY SX scissor mechanism at its heart - A charging function and AES encryption round off the 2.4 GHz wireless keyboard and accompanying wireless mouse perfectly THE CHARGING CONCEPT - FOR LONG-LASTING USE - The CHERRY STREAM DESKTOP RECHARGE utilises NiMH rechargeable batteries which will last for months on a single charge - Afterwards, you can conveniently recharge the keyboard and mouse via USB-C while you continue to work undisturbed - The set can also be completely switched off to help preserve battery life even longer - Because our desktop set lasts longer than any rechargeable battery, its possible to replace the GP brand NiMH batteries yourself, which is both practical and environmentally friendly SUSTAINBILITY ERGONOMICS - A GOOD INVESTMENT - Environmental protection and sustainability are matters that concern everyone - When it comes to making responsible and sustainable purchases these days, we all need a little guidance - Our keyboard has been awarded the oldest of all European environmental protection seals, the "Blue Angel" and in addition, we have made the packaging completely plastic-free - However, sustainability also means that we need to think about tomorrow with regard to our own health or that of our employees - The benchmark for this is compliance with defined ergonomic and safety standards, so we have laid the foundation for this with this new desktop set - It bears the "Safety Tested" GS seal, which is the only legally regulated test mark for product safety in Europe CHERRY SX SCISSOR TECHNOLOGY - SUPER-QUIET PRECISE - Noise at work affects productivity and increases stress levels, so thats why weve equipped the CHERRY STREAM DESKTOP RECHARGE keyboard with our proprietary SX scissor technology - just like all other members of the STREAM family - Not only does it have a clearly defined and crisp pressure point, its also super-quiet, similar to the flatter design youre used to from your laptop keyboard - Like a knife needs a fork, a keyboard needs a mouse and this one also has almost inaudibly quiet keys - After using it for the shortest of times, you wont want to be without this combination during long working days, in open-plan workspaces or your home office PERFORMANCE STABILITY - CHERRY QUALITY - The CHERRY STREAM DESKTOP RECHARGE has quality both inside and out - The CHERRY keyboard benefits from an integrated metal plate and non-slip rubber feet, meaning its stable on the work surface at all times - Similarly, the mouse nestles comfortably in the hand and combines optimum weight with perfect gliding performance. Both keyboard and mouse are equipped with 128-bit CCM encryption which provides even greater data security FLEXIBILITY OPERATION - INDIVIDUALITY 2.0 - The keyboard has 10 additional time-saving and convenient keys: Windows Lock, Browser, Mail, Calculator and 6 keys to control volume and multimedia applications - Two thumb buttons on the mouse are separated by a notch in the housing to prevent accidental actuation - The DPI switch on the top of the mouse allows switching between three different resolution levels (1000dpi/1600dpi/2400dpi) - For further key and button customisation, the CHERRY KEYS software is available free of charge at Features MAXIMUM PRODUCTIVITY - Super silent keystroke - CHERRY SX scissor mechanism - Mouse buttons with a quiet click - 3-level adjustable mouse sensor with up to 2.400 dpi HIGHEST QUALITY - Rubberized feet for perfect slip resistance - Integrated metal plate for maximum torsional rigidity - Blue Angel ecolabel - Durable key labels - Keyboard and mouse with AES-128 encryption OPTIMUM OPERATING COMFORT - NiMH batteries rechargeable via USB-C (GP ReCyko+) in mouse and keyboard - Status LEDs show low residual battery charge, charging status and mouse resolution - Additional status LEDs for the CAPS LOCK, NUM and SCROLL keys - Keyboard with 10 office multimedia keys - 6 mouse buttons and scroll wheel VERY LATEST DESIGN - Low profile - GS certificate (full size layout) Specifications KEYBOARD - Full-size layout with numeric keypad - Key technology: SX - Service life of standard key >20 million strokes - 8 anti-slip feet (18×4 mm) - Status display: Caps lock, Scroll and Num Lock key, battery status (via LED in Scroll key) - Number of additional keys: 10 - Additional key functions: Volume down, sound on/off, volume up, previous track, start/pause, next track, lock PC, browser, e-mail program, calculator MOUSE - Design: Symmetrical - Scanning: optical (sensor: Pixart) - Resolution: 1000 dpi / 1600 dpi / 2400 dpi (switchable) - Number of keys: 6 - Button design: Silent click - Function keys: Right-click, left-click, scroll wheel; browser forward; browser back, DPI switching - Mouse wheel design: Scroll wheel with key function - Status display: DPI setting, battery status OTHER - Reliability: MTBF > 80.000 hours - Connection sockets: USB - System requirements: USB port (type A), Windows 7, 8 or 10 - Operating temperature: 0C to 40C, max. 85% humidity - Storage temperature: -20C to 60C, max. 85% humidity - Transmission range: approx. 10 m - Frequency range: 2.400 GHz - 2.4835 GHz - Weight (product): * Keyboard: approx. 905 g (incl. battery) * Mouse: approx. 119 g (incl. battery) * Receiver: approx. 3 g * Charging cable: approx. 25 g DELIVERY VOLUME - Wireless mouse/keyboard set - Nano USB receiver - Operating instructions - USB C charging cable - NiMH rechargeable batteries (GP ReCyko+): Keyboard (2 x AAA) and mouse (1 X AA) - Nano USB receiver - Extended manufacturer warranty Jamstvo: 36 mjeseci
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LOGI MX Anywhere 3S- ROSE
106,95 €
Šifra proizvoda: 46111714
LOGITECH MX Anywhere 3S Mouse optical 6 buttons wireless Bluetooth rose
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LOGI G413 Mech.Gaming Keyboard RED US
126,10 €
Šifra proizvoda: 46070813
LOGITECH G413 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RED US INTNL
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LOGI MK850 Performance WL Combo (HR)(P)
157,95 €
Šifra proizvoda: 46066854
LOGITECH MK850 Performance Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo - 2.4GHZ/BT CROATIAN (P)
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170,09 €
Šifra proizvoda: 46091726
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LOGI G915 TKL Keyboard White US INTL
287,10 €
Šifra proizvoda: 46090033
LOGITECH G915 TKL Keyboard White US INTL
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